21 IN 21 “The Final Update”

21 IN 21 final updateDear Friends,

We have so much to praise God for today.  While we are not going to be eligible to leave this summer for the Mission field, we have seen big progress in support over the last 21days; in fact over the last month our support has more than doubled (See Below)!  We praise God for the hearts of His people who love him so dearly that they want to see His Kingdom grow so much they would sacrifice for it. As it stands, we will have to wait until the next launch cycle which will be November of 2013 and we trust God has His reasons for this.  In the meantime, if you would like to partner with us financially click here.  We invite you all to join with us in prayer over the following items as we seek to follow the Lord in obedience…

  • God to use us to minister wherever we are during this season of support raising.
  • Connections w/ Churches & People who have hearts to build up His church globally.
  • Our encouragement as we continue to follow this call and develop ministry partners.
  • Success in recruiting a team of people to join us with ReachGlobal in Panama.
  • Encouragement for our boys, who are eager to see our family go as well.
AO: Jan. 16, 2013
AO: Jan. 16, 2013

21 IN 21 Update #6


Dear Inquiring Minds,

Here is a quick update.  With 5 days left until we hit our deadline for staying “launch-able” this summer, we still need at least $1300 more in monthly pledge commitments to begin attending pre-field training which requires 50% support commitments.  Currently we’re at 32% of Ongoing and 50% of StartUp which is awesome but not enough to move us to the next step.  This means that if we don’t hit the mark, then our next possible launch window is November 2013 at the earliest.  We would love if it you would join us right now but only if the Lord is leading you.  You may also pledge now and begin giving when we leave for the field. Either way we’re trusting in the Lord’s timing because He knows best.

We are growing more and more excited all the time about what the Lord has planned for us in our future ministry. We talk and dream about it daily, though only He knows all the details (Eph. 2:10).

Please pray with us for more opportunities to talk with churches and individuals.  If you know of any, interested in meeting with us please let us know and feel free to pass along our information.

In the mean time, Thanks for following and God Bless you all! – Jon & Bianca

21 IN 21 Update #5

15IN21Dear Friends,

We are at 32% of our OnGoing and 50% of our StartUp – PRAISE God!  With 7 Days left before we will see if it is even possible for us to launch for the mission field this summer or not.  Please pray for us to gather new partners and soon , if that is the Lord’s will.  Also please pray because we know that there is a church Mission Board meeting tonight and deciding if the Lord is leading them to support us.   We will keep you posted as things progress. If the Lord is leading you to be one of our partners, please click here. Thanks for “Following” the Fowlers as we seek to Follow the Lord!

AS OF: 1/9/2013
AS OF: 1/9/2013

PS – If you haven’t seen our “BONUS Page” yet, check it out!

21 IN 21 Update #4


Current SupportThe Lord continues to bring us more partners! We also found out that we have a few more days to reach 50% of our Monthly Support. Our New Deadline is January 16th.  If you know you want to come on this journey with us and be one of our on-going supporters, now is a great time to do so! God Bless you all!


I just believe that there is a common desire within many people (Christian or Not) that still longs to make a difference for the betterment of this world within the briefness of our lives. Perhaps this is one of those qualities that remains after the Fall from being made in the image of our Heavenly Father.  I am comforted by those that want to do general good in the world but not nearly as much as I am by the fact that Christians–IF FAITHFUL–can do eternal good when we join God’s mission for redeeming the broken world from the sin that has fractured it!  That’s just the thought that came to me as we watched this cool video.

A cool video that Bianca & Jon liked!

21 In 21 Update #3

18 in 21

Hello Dear Friends!  For those praying with us for this ministry and our current support needs,  Here’s the latest status of our support.  Praise God that our Start-Up Funds are now at 49%, almost half of the overall Start-Up needed & our On-going Support is at 29%.

Please keep praying with us to reach 50% of our On-going support by the middle of this month-if it’s the Lord’s will.  What we really need soon is more people or churches to commit to being monthly or annual supporters.  We believe we need 18 more supporters giving $100 monthly or $1200 annually (Totaling $1800 More Per Month = 21%) but honestly we have no idea what God has planned and that too is part of this adventure.  Regardless of what happens, we’re certain of this… God will provide for what He has prepared!  If you believe the Lord is calling you to help, then please just contact us or click here.  Please know that we’re so humbled to have you following us as we follow HIM! This is an amazing journey to be on because He’s an amazing God! – Phil. 1:3-5

(AO: Jan. 3, 2013)

 PS – We’ve recently made changes to our Blog.  It’s starting to function more like a website/Blog. Please check out the updates and  explore the “BONUS” tab here and at the top of the page!  

21 IN 21 Update #2

18 in 21

Hi Dear Friends!

For those following us in our 21 IN 21 campaign, our prayer is for 21 new partners to commit to $100 monthly in 21 days. Here is a progress update. With 13 days remaining, we’re so grateful to share that we’ve gained both On-Going Supporters and more Start-Up Support!

We are now still praying for 18 more On-Going Supporters to join us in the next 2 weeks at the amount of $100 monthly/$1200 annually or some equivalent combination. An annual gift can also be counted towards our monthly support! Reaching this goal helps keep us eligible to leave this summer.  We still must raise the full 100% of our commitments before we leave but this allows us to move forward with our pre-field training!  Even a pledge of less than $100 monthly when combined with other pledges can help us reach our goal!  If you are interested in being one of the 18 Supporters left, then please click Here.

We are so grateful for all of you and we are so blessed to call you our ministry partners!  We are growing daily on this journey as we learn to follow the Lord and trust in Him for his timing, provision and leading. May God Bless each of you this New Year as we begin it together!

Current Status

Unexpected Blessings!

3boys in pjs

On Christmas night we were at my Grandma’s house and she had given all of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren each an envelope with some money in it.  We were all enjoying the chaos of gift opening with about 20 people crammed into a small-ish room and our son Ezra makes his way over to me and holds out his hand with his Christmas money in it.  I bend down so I can hear him over the noise of the festivities and he whispers in my ear, “Mom can I give this to our Panama account?”.  Surprised, I clarified to see if he meant he wanted to donate it to our ministry account and he said Yes!  This was such an encouragement to me and I was so blessed by Ezra’s desire to see our family get to the mission field.

Then, last night our family gathered around the dining room table to have some time to reflect on the past year and to set some goals for the new year.  Stealing an idea from a friend, we all wrote down our age, height, weight (yeah I know), what we are thankful for and a few goals for this coming year.  We went around and shared. I shared that one of my goals was to move to Costa Rica for language school so we could get to Panama.  Then we prayed together before putting our papers in envelopes and sealing them so that we can open them next year see how things have changed.  As we prayed, we prayed that God would supply all that we need to get to the mission field.  Our boys also prayed that we would be able to go soon.  After we were finished our son Ethan came out of his bedroom holding his Christmas money in his hand and said, “Here. This is as much as I could give.”  Then, Ezra opened his wallet and gave us the rest of his Christmas money too.  I was blown away and so blessed by this. For those of you who know our boys, this is big!  They are always scheming up ways to earn money, so for them to offer this up unsolicited is a big deal.  We have been praying that God would unite our family and make us a team and this was such a blessing to see our boys giving up their Christmas money to help this happen.

We have been so humbled and blessed by those of you who have been lifting our family up in prayer and who have given financially to help us as we raise funds to be able to go and minister in Panama!  This journey of raising support has been such a stretching experience so far and we have seen God work through so many of you!  We still have a ways to go, but the encouragement we have received  has kept us moving towards the mission we believe God has for our family.  Praise the Lord for his encouragement and unexpected blessings!  God bless you all this New Year in 2013, and we pray that you will be encouraged as you seek to obey all that God is calling you to do!  – Bianca :0)