5 Giving Opportunities

1. On-Going Support (for our family)

To serve in Panama we rely on the Lord through the sacrificial giving of others.  Recently we have actually fallen short of the funding we need and we’re actively praying that the Lord will bring along more support and partners to stand with us.  Your giving could be once a year or once a month or whatever you feel led to do. We just invite you to join us in His work.

2. Special Gift Support (for our family)

Sometimes supporters want to give a a special gift and of course it’s always a help to us.  We’ve been so blessed by the outpouring of generosity in so many ways from God’s people over the last few years.

3. Boxes of Bibles

We’re always in need of Bibles for discipleship and follow up. The Bibles we use are about $6.00 a piece with 28 to a box. Therefore one box of Bibles is about $170.  We don’t pay for shipping because we usually have people bring them to us when they visit from the USA.  If you would like to donate a Box of Bibles, just write “Box of Bibles” in the notation line.

4. Orphan Ministry Supplies

We often purchase supplies to do ministry with the orphans, such as soccer balls, play dough, crayons etc. We also purchase treats for the kids to enjoy like fruit, juice, cookies or lollipops. If you would like to help us purchase supplies for working in the orphanage just write “Orphan Ministry Supplies” in the notation line when you give.

5. English Class Supplies

We currently teach English to native Spanish speakers as a way to serve the population and meet new people and share God’s Word. To print 50 books for class we pay about $210 and $100 per month for snacks.  If you desire to help us with the English classes just write “English Classes” in the notation line.

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