Our Team

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Pictured Here: (Left to Right)

  • The Fowler Family: Jon, Bianca, Ethan (14yrs), Ezra (12yrs) and Eli (9 yrs),
  • Mike & Peggy Lowe
  • Frank & Silvia Saavedra
  • The Johnson Family: Matt, Angie, Ian (13yrs) and Reeves (10yrs).

ReachGlobal as a Christian mission organization focused on the Great Commission is also deeply committed to teams.  This value was part of what attracted us to them in the first place.  Allow us to introduce you to the team that God has been gathering (so far)…

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 10.02.57 PM.png

Jon & Bianca Fowler and their three boys Ethan, Ezra and Elijah live and minister in Panama, just outside of Panama City.  Jon is the City Team Leader for ReachGlobal in Panama City, Panama.  Their focus is the church and its’ leaders. Their vision is to multiply transformational churches in Panama that are centered on the Gospel, Grounded in God’s Word and Committed to the Great Commission.

Follow The Fowler’s HERE or SUPPORT The Fowler’s HERE


Mike & Peggy Lowe the most recent members of our team to move to Panama.  Mike & Peggy have a desire to help reach the Muslim population which is growing in Panama and empower churches with a strategy to reach them too. They lowesboth have huge hearts for service and discipleship and they come to us after several years of serving in Greece.

We are extremely excited about the gifts, wisdom and experiences that they bring and cannot wait to see how God will use them in Panama and on our team. To learn more or follow them specifically see the information below.

Follow Mike & Peggy HERE  or  SUPPORT Mike & Peggy HERE


Saavedras.pngFrank & Silvia Saavedra have actually lived and ministered here in Panama for about 15 years but just recently have decided to leave their former agency and join the ReachGlobal Panama Team.

We are very excited about how much they bring to our team. They bring a wealth of knowledge and ministry insight from years of experience in Panama and the Latin American culture. Silvia is an accomplished Spanish teacher among other things and Frank has a specialty with children and youth. They are a blessing to us and we look forward to what God will do in and through them. They are actively seeking more supporters. Please consider if God is leading you to be the next one. To learn more or follow them specifically see the information below.

Follow Frank & Silvia HERE or SUPPORT Frank & Silvia HERE


And hoping to be next! …Meet Sarah Kolaczynski!

Recently accepted as a long-term missionary with ReachGlobal, Sarah “K”  hopes to be the next member of our Panama team!  Stay tuned for more information about Sarah and please keep her in your prayers as she begins the journey of support-raising!


Who’s Next????

If you have interest in serving with our team, then the First Step is to let us know.   We’d love to meet, Skype or talk with you by phone.  Whether you’re interested in serving for an Internship,  a 2 year term or long term, we would like to connect with you.

My contact Info Is:

Email: jon.fowler@efca.org

Phone: (724) 466-0682 (Free for USA Callers any time) …Yes it rings to me in Panama!

SKYPE: Jon.Fowler2


The Second step is to contact ReachGlobalOur mission agency would like to know about your interest and they have a lot of experience helping people process through their calling to the field.  They can answer many of your questions about the agency and about serving as a missionary in general.   It will help you to explore as you pray through and consider what the Lord is speaking to your heart.  You can communicate with ReachGlobal through a Personal Information Form (PIF) found at their website. Thank You!

Grace & Peace to you,

Jon & Bianca Fowler

Phil. 1:3-5

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