Sweet Summer Challenge

Sweet Summer Challenge

The Sweet Summer Challenge is on!!!  As the month of May draws to a close we have almost 70% of our On-Going support raised with approximately 30% more still needed to be able to launch for the mission field in Central America.  Our hope is to make this summer sweeter than usual by raising the remaining support needed through June, July & August. We would love to have you join our On-Going supporters! If you haven’t decided to become part of our On-Going Support team yet, then please consider this:

  • 3 scoops in 3 montshIf you have already donated a “special” gift but would consider doing it again next year, you could be included in our On-Going Support team by letting us know.
  • If you’re not sure you can give on-going support indefinitely but could commit for 1 year, then you could be included in our On-Going Support team.
  • While $100 per month / $1200 annually is equal to a whole percentage point of our support, any amount is a welcome blessing. It all adds up. Please just give as you feel led.

Thank You Everyone who has joined us so far!!!

 – Love the Fowler’s

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