3 Cool Christmas Ideas for WOL Panamá


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Introducing 3 Huge Needs for our Word Of Life ministry this Christmas! If you have the ability to help us we are inviting you to jump on board! Here is what is going on…

Option 1 – Missionary Partnerships: We have just begun a really big push that we are calling “100 WITH 100“.  We are asking God to get all of our national missionaries FULLY supported for the first time in history. They all have a financial goal they have to hit to continue functioning in the ministry.  (Scroll Down for the most current percentages for our missionaries.) If you’re in the position to partner with any of our missionaries this is the moment. 1% of monthly support is equal to ($40/Month or $480/Year). You will really make Christmas amazing in a personal way for these missionaries if you could tell them that you will be coming on-board as a new partner for them. Click Here to Partner Now!

Option 2 – Camper Scholarships:  Our Campers look forward to the most memorable week of their year and possibly the most transforming week of their lives at our Word Of Life Camp in Panamá.  Many of these kids come from economically difficult situations and even though the cost of camp is only $75/person that is still high for many of these kids.  If you are interested in helping children or youth from Panama go to camp this year (and many for the first time ever) just Click Here to Give a Scholarship Now.

Option 3 – Camp Projects:  Our Camp property is an amazing tool to help us reach young people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This tool is almost always in a constant mode of maintenance or improvement.  We depend greatly on the generous giving from our partners to help us have the resources to take care of and upgrade the campground.  We have already done a lot this past year but we have many more plans coming up. If you’re interested in helping us improve our campground just Click Here to Donate Now!

Current Missionary Support Percentages (AO: Dec.2019)

Team Support Percentages

 Will you help us reach 100% & make this Christmas Unforgettable for our Team?