Have you heard about our Great Initiative in Panamá?

group 100

 ALL of the missionaries with ALL of their monthly support has never happened before but that’s exactly what we’re asking God for: 100% with 100% and we’re inviting everyone to get on board! This will take a huge effort from lots of partnerships to reach our goal but together we can do it and then reach even more people for Christ than ever!

 Here’s How You Can Help: 

1) First, we ask you to pray with us and for our team because we are totally depending on the Lord for this. This is a spiritual endeavor and God is the real source of all our provision so please pray with us for what God will do in this coming year. We can’t stop until all of our team has reached 100% of their monthly funding. 

2) Second, we ask you to consider letting God use you to support one or more of our missionaries. Nobody can do everything but if you can help one you are really helping all of us because we are a team and when one wins we all win! For your easy reference and to help clarify the need, approximately ($40 per month is = 1% of support). 

Below is the current information for our missionaries that need to reach full monthly support. We thank each of you for being willing to consider being part of this ministry to continue reaching youth and children with the Gospel of Jesus Christ around Panama. You are part of us!!! 

Click below to help these missionaries build their partnerships and support. Help them go from the percent they have all the way to 100%! This info will be updated monthly.

Support Percent