10 Pics That Make Us Say… Thanks Lord!

Drum roll please!!!  Here they are in random order. 10 Recent photos of life and ministry here in Panama that really make us stop and acknowledge the greatness of our God and what He is doing in us, around us and often in spite of us simply because of WHO he is.

#1 – Praise the Lord, Cesar has a van!!! God used the generosity of many believers and church partnerships and finally the national director of Global Fingerprints, Cesar Guerra, has a vehicle! 
#2 – Like a breath of fresh air, Bianca’s family came down to visit us and we took a “stay-cation”.  It was wonderful and we were so thankful to be able to see family. 
#3 – We finally made it out to Taboga Island and saw the 2nd oldest church in the Western Hemisphere! A reminder that we are just joining God in what he’s been doing for a long time! 
#4 – Thankful to God of our teammates Frank & Silvia Saavedra.  They have worked so hard raising support for the last year and they have almost finished.  97% (On-going) & 85% (Start-Up).
#5 – Praising God for the chance to work with the church Refugio de Gracia. Jon is temporarily substitute pastoring for our friend and Bianca and Ethan are helping with worship. It’s a joy.
#6 – God surprised us with a church partnership this past year that has been a blessing to us over and over. Lord, thank you for sending Springs Church from Springfield Missouri. (Feb.2018 Trip)
#7 – Praise God for Global Fingerprints, the ReachGlobal Child Sponsorship program here in Panama. It has opened up so many ways of impacting families around Panama for Christ.
#8 – Thank you Lord for giving us long-standing relationships of trust. By His grace, we will keep building on what we’ve been given for the cause of the Great Commission (Matt. 28:16-20)
#9 – Thank you Lord for the children that you have helped by your grace and in your great love. 
Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 10.03.08 PM
#10 – Thank you Lord for providing this beautiful group of people to call my team! (The Fowler’s, The Lowe’s, The Saavedra’s and the newest members…The Johnson’s! 

The Last few months have been a crazy-busy time for us since Christmas with receiving new teammates, having our team retreat, hosting short-term teams and other guests but we have been blessed in countless ways and we want to thank all of the people God has used to build this ministry here in Panama and remind you that this couldn’t happen without you deciding to build with us and for that we just want to thank each one of you.

We also want to thank Adrienne Gerber for her photo contributions.  She captured several of these moments and many others which help us share with others about what the Lord is doing all around in Panama. Thanks Adrienne!

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  1. Pictures and report are so encouraging and such a blessing! Thank you for allowing us to be involved in Panama!

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