Just a Reflection on Psalm 1

May this encourage those who read it. Amen.

6 verses.The book of Psalms starts off with this short Psalm that basically describes 2 ways to live your life.

Every one of us has a choice to make. That choice is a choice we make once but we reconfirm it every single day of our lives.

1 Way (Verses 1-3)

2 Way (Verse 4-5)

The Reason & Non-negotiable fact (Verse 6)

Look at Way 1…

Described first because it is the better choice:

1. Blessed is the man.

“Bless” is the most common OT Word. It means….ברך to praise; to bless; (pt. pass) blessed, filled with strength, full; praised, adored; to wish on oneself a blessing.

In other words, it is everything you want out of life. To be happy, strong, loved, adored, treasured, important…So why don’t we pay attention to this?

What does a “Blessed” man do that makes him so different? That is the question we are supposed to ask ourselves here…

1. He does not walk… in the counsel of the wicked

2. He does not stand…in the way of sinners

3. He does not sit…in the seat of mockers.

Do you see this graduation? This is a process of degradation and erosion. Slowly this person is getting more and more comfortablewhere they should not be. Walk..Stand..Sit. With the Wicked, Sinners & Mockers.

What should we note here?  

We shoould get up out of the company of mockers. We should move away from the Sinners that are so comfortable with and not walk with the wicked who will corrupt us. This is the corruption process taking place before us. It is slow but it is active and it works. I don’t believe that most people usually specifically set out to “do evil and wicked” things. Or moreover become a wicked person. Now it happens and it happens a lot but I don’t believe this describes the conscious actions of most people. In saying that I don’t believe in the “moral goodnesss” of mankind. I do believe in the depravity of man. We are sinners and we all sin. But many people don’t set out with this expressed purpose in their day. They instead are not intentional about NOT doing this and because of that this process can take place. little by little, day by day, we find ourselves eventually in the wrong place with the wrong people doing the wrong things. That is the corruption process.

En cambio, (On the contrary) what the “Blessed” man does that is different is what he delights in and what he enjoys…The Law of the Lord.

How strange right? It would seem that Laws of any kind would be anything but enjoyable or delightful but this man actually loves it so much that he ponders it and revels in it at least 2 times in each 24 hour periods. Now this phrase “day and night” is certainly a literary device intended to mean constantly. He is constantly reading and thinking about the Law of the Lord. It is pleasureable activity for him. WHY?

There is something about it that he loves. I hazard to guess that it is simply because of Who’s law it is and not ncessarily what the Law is. He loves knowing God.

It would be like if you went up into your parents attic on eday and whle moving things around, you found a love letter from your great, great, great grandparents to eachother. Wouldn’t you be the least bit tempted to read it? Not for any other reason than to know their minds and their hearts? Even though it wasn’t a letter to you, to be able to go back and know something intimate about them and their relationship would be special and cool for lots of reasons.

Now take it to the next level.

When we have the Law of God, we have written

down for our enjoyment the expressed and written desires of God for our lives. And this is a letter addressed to us. The Whole Bible is written down for us to read. If you want to know what God thinks, read what God wrote – for you! If you want to know God listen to his words that came from him.

This is where I like to remind people that it is quite possible to know ABOUT someone and never really KNOW someone. For example, Many of us can recite the statistics of our favorite athletes or sing the songs of our favorite musicians but how many of us can name their favorite ice cream? or know where their birth marks are? Only those who know those people intimately can answer those questions, like husbands, wives, mothers and fathers and close friends, etc. There is a different level of knowing God that is possible when we know his words. We move from knowing about him to knowing his mind and his desires. And then of course the ultimate form of knowing God comes finally, completely, and exclusively through a relationship with his son Jesus Christ. He himself calls us his friends in fact and shows beyond doubt, his desire to have deep intimacy with us. (See John 15:15) 

Now in case you doubted the value of this pursuit, look at the result. Look at the product of this repetative action in someone’s life. (See verse 3)

Look at the endurance the “Blessed” man has. Look at the provision he enjoys, the strength, the usefulness he offers and the success he has in life. It is hard not to desire the product that he enjoys.

Now compare this all to the alternative way of living.

The “Wicked” man does not endure. He is not well established. He is useless and in fact can’t even stand in te judgement or with the Righteous. It is the end result that we forget. Beccause during regular life, day-today living it often seems as though the wicked are prospering and that the picture is in fact inverted but in reality we are only reading one page in one chapter of a very long book. The final outcome will be very different than what daily moments might suggest. We must never forget that God’s Words are always true. He does not lie. The things we see with our eyes, from our vatnage points in our microseconds on the timeline of humanity are not all there is to see. God however sees it all. He has a field of vision that encompasses all of humanity and all of recorded time and space and all of history and so our question with this conclusion is really just “do we trust God to tell us the truth?”

I trust Him and His Word because God is the only source of total truth and His word will endure forever. (1 Pet. 1:24-25)

Verse 6 is my final reflection.

The secret to the Blessed man is that the Lord watches over him and the Wicked have no such help. Now God shows love and mercy to both because he causes the Sun to shine on everyone and has given life and breath to everyone BUT there is another assurance that the Blessed man has beacuse he has a relationship with His maker and his Creator remembers him and he his Creator every day.

Lord give me this kind of relationship.