WE (Still) Need You!


Dear friends, I will cut to the chase. One of the realities for most modern missionaries is the need to raise their own support for life and ministry. This is certainly true in the case of our family. Everything that we do in Panama could not be done without people doing this with us as a team–one sacrifice at a time.  
It has been a long road to get to where we are and we praise the Lord because all the progress has been made by His grace and we know this. We have seen how He has moved here in Panama to begin foundation laying for the ministry; how he has carried us along as a family to open a new team for ReachGlobal in this country and how he has continued to move on the hearts of people behind us in the country we came from to remember us. It is those prayers and gifts that sustain his work here. God is Awesome!

In this moment we need to communicate that we are STILL in need of your support and your prayers. Yes we are here in the country and Yes things are happening but that only continues if people remember to stand with us. We started support raising three years ago, in the summer of 2012. Over the course of time 2 things have happened and neither are surprises to us. Firstly, people’s commitments have changed. Life situations, jobs, marriages and other circumstances have required that people change or stop giving. Of course we understand this completely but this then opens the place for new On-Going supporters to carry the ball if they feel so led by the Lord. We hope you might consider taking on this challenge of a regular commitment monthly, annually or some other interval that works for you and our agency will average out the gift over the year. If so please pray and click this link to SUPPORT THE FOWLER’s. Give as you feel the Lord telling you to give but know that you are needed now and we are grateful for both your Prayers & Donations! 

The Second happening is that ,by Gods grace we have developed ministry in Panama that already needs more resources! We are realizing that the more we have the more we can accomplish. Recently, our English Class Outreach has become an effective tool to connect with Panamanians, build relationships and communicate the Gospel. We saw 7 Panamanians come to Christ in the first week and because of them and others, we held a follow up Bible Study in an area that could be an option for a future church plant. One of these 3-month English course requires about $500 to hold with materials, supplies and snacks for the class and this is just one example of a ministry tool.  Whatever the vehicle may be, our heart is to see the Church and its’ Leaders strengthend or started here in Panama for God’s Kingdom locally and globally. We pray that every platform we use moves us toward that end. Please pray with us about how you can help because we still need you! 

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Graduation night for the boys!