Coming up for air…



We finish school at noon along with Eli.  Then we wait for Ethan and Ezra who finish at 2:30.  Sometimes we get tired ;)

So I’ll start by stating the obvious…it’s been a while! We have been driving hard at learning Spanish for almost a year now! Costa Rica has been good. This year has been full of the joys and stresses of learning a new culture as well as a new language with all of us being in school full time. It has been intense and we have learned a ton, but as with many things the more you learn the more you realize you still have yet to learn. We are by no means “fluent” after a year of study, but we are able to understand and be understood! We have come a long way from the “Sesame Street” Spanish that we came in with.

But now we can see the light at the end of the tunnel! To be honest, with our move to Panama on the horizon, we have a bad case of “senioritis”. We are so excited about what is to come! God has been moving and we are amazed by His provision over and over again. This past week we went to Panama to look for a place to live and to explore a new school for the boys. We are so grateful to have been able to come back having found both a house to live in and the school that the boys will most likely be attending.

We don’t know all that the Lord has planned for us in Panama, but we are so excited to be moving forward, listening, praying and walking by faith in The One who holds the plans for our future! (Jeremiah 29:11)

Please pray for us as we finish up our time here at school and continue to work out all of the details of our move to Panama.

Until next time…Bianca 🙂