More Mountains Ahead

Mountains In Panama
Mountains In Panama

So our Journey of Support Raising has reached an unforgettable benchmark. By God’s grace we have officially climbed up and over the mountain of support that once seemed impossible to gather.  Now we have 100% of what we needed to be able to launch for the mission field on November 30th and all we can say is a huge “Amen” with an exhale.  Though a thought occurred to me almost as soon as we hit that mark.  “I wonder if we are trusting God for big enough things?”

I know it sounds crazy but I remember thinking often about how God was actually going to marshall all that we needed to be able to leave and now that seems like it was nothing to Him.  I mean, I know that we say that God can do impossible things but when it comes down to it, what we actually believe is sometimes so different from what we say.

I have to tell you, I am scared-excited. I am not sure if anyone reading right now knows that feeling and how you could possibly feel those two things together but that’s how I feel.  It’s clear to me that the God I worship is so mighty that the mountains that overwhelm me are nothing to Him and that is wild to me.  In a little over a years time, God raised all that we needed financially to go to the mission field and He even gathered a team to come with us.  WHOA!

So now, next month we leave for language school in Costa Rica with our three boys and we will have one main goal for the  year–to learn Spanish.  It seems hard to imagine truly learning another language, let alone learning it well enough to be effective in ministry.  However, if there is any apparent lesson right now, it’s that God is a God that specializes in the impossible things. He loves showing us (and the world) that He is still the God that trumps our mountains. Furthermore, He loves when his children intentiionally  trust Him for those impossible things.  So that is what we are praying for him to give us; mastery over the Spanish language. God is the God that can unlock all knowledge to us if He so chooses (See Daniel 1:17) so that is our next prayer …but we’re not stopping at that this time.

I’ve had another nagging thought; that I could someday get to heaven and realize just how great and powerful our Heavenly Father truly is and simultaneously be disappointed that I didn’t ask Him and trust Him for bigger things, so here it is.

I am also praying for God to bring about 100’s, maybe even 1000’s of churches as a result of our ministry in Panama and I am inviting others to pray this with me.  I know that some will scoff at this but I don’t care. I only know that God wants to see the church explode across the world and so do I.  I also know that God will never fault me for trusting in Him too much and I will only be embarrassed in Heaven for trusting in Him too little.   Therefore I am going big this time.  Though I am leaving the results in His hands and I cannot control what God decides to do.  I am still going to pray this over and over in the hopes of watching God carry us over many more mountains in the future that once seemed impossible to us and may He be glorified by all that happens in the end.

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  1. Jon and Bianca-
    Are hearts are filled with JOY as we rejoice with you – over the wonderful works that God has already prepared ahead for you in Panama. May you continue to build His Kingdom.

    God’ best-

    Chris & Lynette

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