The Blessing of Multiplication

Worship with Tim Fehl at Cecil Alliance Church

We’ve been on quite a journey raising support for the mission field.  It has been difficult at times and yet we have seen God do so much.  We have been stretched and yet our faith continues to grow as we see God move as only He can.  And then there are the unexpected blessings too.  As if seeing God provide for our every need were not enough, He gives us even more, “bonus blessings”.  Those little things that the Lord allows you to see or experience along the way that speak to his sovereign hand at work in your life.

A few weeks ago we had the privilege of visiting the church of one of “our kids”, Tim Fehl. He was one of our former students from our days in Youth Ministry at The Bible Chapel.  Jon brought the message that morning and I had the chance to sing with their worship team.  What a treat this was for us to be able to minister along side Tim, as he lead worship for his congregation!  Not only is Tim leading worship but he is doing Youth Ministry at his church as well.  During our time at The Bible Chapel, I saw Tim grow and develop in his relationship with the Lord.  I also saw him begin to discover his gifts and passions as a worship leader.  It was such a blessing to be able to minister along side him and see how far the Lord has brought him!

As we learn more about what God is calling us to do in Panama, we are thinking so much about multiplication.  Not just doing ministry, but also equipping others to use their gifts and passions to serve the Lord.  Little did we know that all those years ago when we were serving in Youth Ministry, the Lord was writing this part of the story.  Preparing in advance, the “bonus blessing” of seeing the result of a ministry focused on multiplication.

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  1. Great to know that all along this path God is providing opportunities for you to be using your gifts as well. Hope you all had a good time with family — and return refreshed to walk this path of “long obedience.”

    Blessings Herm and Liz

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