We Got A Job To Do.

600+ Teens Listening to the Gospel
600+ Teens Listening to the Gospel

In Panama, there is such a tremendous openness to the Gospel.  Our friends have been working their for years sharing and teaching about Jesus Christ. The day this photo was taken we were with them at a public High School delivering the Gospel through a 90 minute presentation. That day many of the students gave their lives to Christ and I even remember teachers coming up and asking for our materials to take home and pass out to their friends and neighbors. There is so much to get excited about with this kind of openness but there is also a tremendous responsibility.

Over our years in Youth Ministry, I have seen many teens commit their lives to Jesus Christ, but I have also noticed that the days and weeks following that decision are vital.  I have learned through this, that if people aren’t brought into an unconditionally loving community that holds to the Word of God with uncompromising conviction soon after their decision, many of those people fizzle out spiritually and never grow or may even begin to question if their salvation is real. According to David Garrison, “there is a 50-80%  attrition rate among new believers who do not become integrated into a church fellowship.”  We have a responsibility.  Our desire is to be fishers of men in Panama and encourage the start of more of these critical communities that will help with the growth of these believers! We want to see an explosion of church starts all over the country of Panama in the days ahead!!!  Please pray with us toward that goal and consider supporting us to make this happen.

Praying for World-Wide, Heavenly Advance,

Jon & Bianca Fowler

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  1. great to know you are on the front lines going for us. We must reach this generation!

  2. WE are truly behind this Jon and Bianca — know for sure that getting people grounded in the Word and in fellowship with other believers is the answer to strengthening them to be fishers of men as well. May God continue to richly bless and provide as you spread the truth of God’s indescribable grace.

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