A Quick Praise!



Well we are now up to (59% of Start-Up & 42% of On-Going) but the coolest part about our recent praise is about how we see God writing this story for us!  

I can honestly say, that through my eleven years of youth ministry at my two churches in Pittsburgh and Chicago, I never imagined that several of our former students would end up being some of the supporters that God would gather around us to send us out to the mission field!  What a cool and peculiar testimony of God’s grace!

God is marshaling His people to support us from a variety of places and each one of them has been a precious blessing to us in unique ways.   If only we could tell you what it does to our spirits every time we see one more behind us as a part of Team Fowler. What a solemn joy it is to be carried and cradled in the hollow of His hands! – Glory to God!

 Compelled & Convinced (2 Cor. 5:14-15), 

– Jon Fowler

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