She’s MY Sister!

Two of the women that God has used most to shape me into a clearer reflection of his Son, Jesus!
Two women God has used regularly in my life to shape me into a more clear reflection of Christ, for His Glory! – Jon Fowler

Typically you get permission to write something public about someone other than yourself but I figure bragging about your sister serves as an exception to the rule and besides, I’ve been in trouble with her before – it’s not so bad! (:

Let me start by saying, my sister Esther (Fowler) Theonugraha and I are almost 2 years apart in age. Most of our lives people have assumed she is older than me because of how much more mature she often acts but in fact I am the oldest – don’t be easily fooled (: For reasons like this and because of our close ages I will admit that for many years we have had a somewhat “turbulent” relationship at times, (I.E. we haven’t always gotten along!).

It hasn’t been until our adult years that I have really begun to appreciate who my sister is and who she is becoming. Our families living near each other in Chicago and attending the same great church for our 4 years of seminary greatly helped with this. I had the chance to observe the capable, loving wife and mother that she is. I watched her be a leader in our church full of passion for the Word of God and developing others with a similar passion. I also personally benefitted, tremendously from her help and insights through my Seminary class work since she was my best proofreader and academic advisor without question. I can say with absolute confidence that Jesus Christ is using her and will continue to use her to do powerful things for the Kingdom of God.

Most recently Esther was one of just a few people asked to help with a Theology conference held just for women at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. I am not surprised that they would ask her to play a part in this but I am glad that others had the chance to see and hear for themselves how much she has to offer the Body of Christ with all that she has learned and lived for the Lord. I am not writing this to embarrass her or to call undue attention to my sister, although I know she will probably read (or proofread) this eventually and want to kill me!  I just want to acknowledge the work that I see the Lord accomplishing in and through her because what she does is valuable and critical for the Church. Praise the Lord.

Esther on the Panel at the Women's Theology Conference...clearly in thought (:
Esther on the Panel at the Women’s Theology Conference…clearly in thought (:

As Bianca and I get closer and closer to serving the Lord again in a full-time ministry capacity with every bit of support that comes in to get us to Panama, I see the Lord doing a lot of other great things all around us and often even inside our own family. The glory is God’s and it’s always worth pointing out the good things He does!  AMEN.

– Jon Fowler

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  1. I loved this Jon — it truly touched me (you know I had 4 sisters). Esther may get a little piqued when she sees what you’ve written, but it will be an encouragement to her -I’m sure.

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