Times & Dates

Acts 1:7

“He told them ‘It is not for you to know the times or dates the Father has set by his own authority.”

It’s sure nice to know we’re not the first to wonder about God’s timing?  We are so eager to know when things will happen and many of you have asked us similar type questions.   While we can’t know specific dates yet, we can summarize some of the benchmarks that we know are coming:

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In dollar facts, this means we need approx. $6000 more per month for our On-Going and approx. $23,000 more to finish our Start-Up fund.  If you wonder where the numbers come from or what they represent please see our Support FAQ’s Here.  The bottom line is that all of us should always give only as the Lord leads us to and for no other reason (2 Cor. 9:7).  Our giving amounts may be different in size but the blessing is the same for all of us when we obey God.   In the end we know it’s all from the Lord anyway and we are just amazed that he chooses to use us in His Grand Plan.

Right now at 35% of our On-Going and 56% of our Start-Up, we are so encouraged but when we reach 50% for our On-Going fund it will be a new level of excitement because of the big things that happen.  If you are interested in helping us get there, here are some ways you may want to help:

  1. Pray for us to be patient and for God to bring in the support as we wait.
  2. Connect us to people or churches that might be interested in talking with us.
  3. Host get-togethers that could give us a chance to share with groups about our vision.
  4. Pray about committing to give personally to our On-Going fund.  If you’ve already given but you think you may give again next year, then you would be included in our On-Going supporters, if you simply let us know of your intentions.

Whatever may happen and whenever, thank you for walking with us on this amazing journey! – The Fowlers

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