21 IN 21 “The Final Update”

21 IN 21 final updateDear Friends,

We have so much to praise God for today.  While we are not going to be eligible to leave this summer for the Mission field, we have seen big progress in support over the last 21days; in fact over the last month our support has more than doubled (See Below)!  We praise God for the hearts of His people who love him so dearly that they want to see His Kingdom grow so much they would sacrifice for it. As it stands, we will have to wait until the next launch cycle which will be November of 2013 and we trust God has His reasons for this.  In the meantime, if you would like to partner with us financially click here.  We invite you all to join with us in prayer over the following items as we seek to follow the Lord in obedience…

  • God to use us to minister wherever we are during this season of support raising.
  • Connections w/ Churches & People who have hearts to build up His church globally.
  • Our encouragement as we continue to follow this call and develop ministry partners.
  • Success in recruiting a team of people to join us with ReachGlobal in Panama.
  • Encouragement for our boys, who are eager to see our family go as well.
AO: Jan. 16, 2013
AO: Jan. 16, 2013