21 IN 21 Update #6


Dear Inquiring Minds,

Here is a quick update.  With 5 days left until we hit our deadline for staying “launch-able” this summer, we still need at least $1300 more in monthly pledge commitments to begin attending pre-field training which requires 50% support commitments.  Currently we’re at 32% of Ongoing and 50% of StartUp which is awesome but not enough to move us to the next step.  This means that if we don’t hit the mark, then our next possible launch window is November 2013 at the earliest.  We would love if it you would join us right now but only if the Lord is leading you.  You may also pledge now and begin giving when we leave for the field. Either way we’re trusting in the Lord’s timing because He knows best.

We are growing more and more excited all the time about what the Lord has planned for us in our future ministry. We talk and dream about it daily, though only He knows all the details (Eph. 2:10).

Please pray with us for more opportunities to talk with churches and individuals.  If you know of any, interested in meeting with us please let us know and feel free to pass along our information.

In the mean time, Thanks for following and God Bless you all! – Jon & Bianca