21 In 21 Update #3

18 in 21

Hello Dear Friends!  For those praying with us for this ministry and our current support needs,  Here’s the latest status of our support.  Praise God that our Start-Up Funds are now at 49%, almost half of the overall Start-Up needed & our On-going Support is at 29%.

Please keep praying with us to reach 50% of our On-going support by the middle of this month-if it’s the Lord’s will.  What we really need soon is more people or churches to commit to being monthly or annual supporters.  We believe we need 18 more supporters giving $100 monthly or $1200 annually (Totaling $1800 More Per Month = 21%) but honestly we have no idea what God has planned and that too is part of this adventure.  Regardless of what happens, we’re certain of this… God will provide for what He has prepared!  If you believe the Lord is calling you to help, then please just contact us or click here.  Please know that we’re so humbled to have you following us as we follow HIM! This is an amazing journey to be on because He’s an amazing God! – Phil. 1:3-5

(AO: Jan. 3, 2013)

 PS – We’ve recently made changes to our Blog.  It’s starting to function more like a website/Blog. Please check out the updates and  explore the “BONUS” tab here and at the top of the page!