Waiting Well!

Psalm 27 has been one of my favorite Psalms for a long time.   The whole chapter is full of powerful verses but the way it ends in verse 14 has held even more significance lately.  This verse speaks of a kind of strength that many people perhaps might not even call a “strength” any more – the ability to wait!  This idea keeps coming up again and again with our family.  Though within the lesson here, is another lesson I think and that is that while we wait we have many choices of what to do and how to be as Christians.  For example, recently the Lord convicted me of grumbling about my circumstances and led me to 1 Cor. 10.  It reminded me that if you have to wait, do it in a way that honors the Lord and remember that you are not the first to do this or anything for that matter.   And while you wait, if you keep your eyes open, you may even see God work through the waiting.  Thursday night was an example of this to me.

            I had the joy of speaking at Hillside Christian Community in Carnegie PA for their young adults meeting led by my long time friend Mike Short.  To make things even more exciting, while I got to speak for the evening, the guy leading the worship music was another old friend of mine, Dave Yeck.  For those that don’t know the background here, I will share why this was so important to me.  This was a very personal occasion for me because Mike Short was someone that the Lord allowed me to come alongside as a big brother in Christ many years before as kids back at West Allegheny High School.  Not long before that happened though, a Youth For Christ leader named Dave Yeck had come alongside me as a big brother in my faith.  And it had been a long time since I had seen either of them, let alone together.  So all three generations of Christ followers were having an unplanned reunion.  It was a true joy to be together again in one place with them, serving with them and to know that they are still following fervently after the Lord.  This was a lesson that the Lord hit me with while I have been grumbling about my circumstances while waiting.  It reminded me of the need to toughen up and stop complaining, because God has been at work for a long time and he isn’t finished with Jon, Bianca or the Fowler family yet.  So if we have to wait, we want to do it right and have no regrets when we get to that next place.