Vision Trip 10 for 10

As many of you know, we just returned from our ten day “Vision Trip” to Panama and Costa Rica. This is a required step in the process of becoming Reach Global Missionaries. We are still processing all that took place but we wanted to share at least 10 things that we will take away from this 10 day trip specifically.

  1. We got to know the ReachGlobal Director for Latin America (Our future boss)Image
  2. We got to introduce our future director to our friends & networks in PanamaImage
  3. We made more connections in Panama for possible future partnershipsImage
  4. We watched our boys begin to mix in with the culture and practice SpanishImageImage
  5. We gave our boys a reference for what life could be like once we move.Image
  6. We got to envision some possible housing scenariosImage
  7. We got to meet some ReachGlobal Staff in Costa RicaImage
  8. We got to tour the school our family will attend for one year in Costa RicaImage
  9. We got to see some interesting wildlifeImage
  10. We made some new friends during our last 3 days in Costa RicaImage

* BONUS – We remembered that our boys love monkeys!Image

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