The End of our first Full Day

Well it has been a full first day here in Panama. Our ReachGlobal director showed up today before lunch time. There was lots of good conversations and introductions that took place. We look forward to seeing where this can lead. We also look forward to our first visit to Costa Rica on Wednesday. One thing that blessed us so far was watching our boys play with the neighborhood kids at the park a block from Mirko and Traci’s home. Yesterday they were invited to play Soccer and they did. Ezra actually stole the ball from an 18 year old who underestimated him and both of our boys were practicing Spanish with the kids, even if only a few words. I was impressed. Tonight we went back to that park and they met kids closer to their age and it was even better. As we were leaving they even said “See you later my friends!” In Spanish!!! It is awesome to watch God preparing them because it reminds me that He is the only one that could love those 3 boys more than us.