Less than 12 Hours til we leave!!!

Well Everyone, we are heading to Panama and Costa Rica tomorrow with the boys…but this is just a 10 day visit.

We wish this was the real move but we are still a long ways away from that.  We can’t actually move until we have received 100% of our support or support commitments and so far we are at 17% of our Monthly Support and 11% of our Start-Up costs, which is a blessing but I will admit that it can’t come too quick for  us because a short trip doesn’t compare to really moving to Central America to finally do ministry.

This trip still has an important purpose for us though. In fact this is referred to by ReachGlobal as our “Vision Trip“.   Normally  the goal is to meet the team that exists in the place you will be serving and get to know them and the surroundings a little better before you go. However in our case, things are slightly different because in Panama there is NO ReachGlobal staff …yet. This means that we have different goals for this Vision Trip and these are what we would ask you to pray about together with us:

  • Introduce the Latin America Director for RG to our friends, networks and ministry in Panama.
  • See the  Language School in San Jose, Costa Rica our Director wants us to attend before Panama
  • See the Language School that our kids will attend while we are in Costa Rica
  • Learn about possible living arrangements while in Costa Rica
  • Meet the ReachGlobal Team that does exist in Costa Rica and learn about their current ministry’s
  • Help our boys begin to get excited about moving to the Mission Field

In addition to all of these we are praying for safety, to,  from and during our trip especially with our “3 Little Bears” and most of all that we would be able to hear the Lord speak plainly to us.  Stay tuned because we will post pics and updates as we can and we look forward to giving a full update to all when we return with our 3rd Official E-Newsletter. If you have not received our E-Newsletter yet please just email us back and let us know you desire to do so and we will get you on the list.  You may also check your Spam filter if you think it could have gotten mislabeled by your computer somehow.  For now that is everything, God Bless!

Everything is in Three’s with our little boys!