Strategically Displaced

Lately, Jon and I have been talking about how we still feel a bit displaced.  Don’t get me wrong, we have settled in here in Pittsburgh and are beginning to find a new temporary normal and we are so very grateful to my mom and step-dad for allowing us to live with them while we raise our support.  However, there are still those days when we are tempted to get discouraged because of our temporariness.  Something that has been encouraging is to look at how many people throughout scripture were strategically displaced by God for His purposes!  The list is long, but just to name a few; Joseph, Moses, Ruth, and Esther.  When we think of the stories of these individuals we see how God used their divine relocation for His purposes and for the good of His people.  It makes me wonder what God wants to do in us and through us during this time. I believe He is using this time for our good and for His purposes and to prepare us for what is next!  Sometimes I just need a little reminder. 🙂

Enjoying Pittsburgh while we can! Jon, Ethan, and Ezra had the chance to go to a Steelers game!

2 thoughts on “Strategically Displaced

  1. Hi Carol! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you! It’s been crazy around here with mom’s surgery and the boys being sick! Anyway, this is a great question! I was not always excited about the idea of going far away either. Truthfully there are people everywhere, close to home and far away that need our love and help and encouragement, so I have to believe that it has less to do with where there is need, because that is everywhere, but more to do with God’s specific plan for each of us. I believe that the Lord calls different people to different places for His purposes and I trust that He is using all of these things for our good and His Glory! Thanks for asking too! Love you!

  2. Just a question….aren’t there people and families so much closer to home that need your love and help and prayers and ministry? What is the need to go so far away? I have never been able to get my head around this. Maybe you can help me. Safe journeys to you all. Love you Bianca!

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