On the Move

So we officially moved out of Trinity yesterday.  How are we feeling???  Well, emotional would be an understatement.  Since, we miss our dear friends on campus already and we are leaving my sister Esther’s house in just a few minutes.  Tired is another feeling we have from moving all the stuff into our container.  But I would also say we’re very excited about what is coming, even though this month will be crazy.  Here is what we are looking at as we move forward in general:

 Today              Heading to Minnesota to check in for Missionary Orientation at Reach Global

 Tomorrow       B & I will attend Orientation and the boys will spend the day w/ Aunt Chrissy

 Saturday          We will hang w/ the boys in Minnesota & then meet w/ family at night.

 Sunday            Leave Minnesota and head to Pittsburgh – Day 1

 Monday           Travel to Pittsburgh – Day 2

 Tue-Thu           Help the boys transition to their Grandparents

 Thursday         Bianca and I fly back to Chicago

 Friday              Bianca and I help lead the GCC Youth Group to Panama for their mission trip

 June 15-24       Panama Mission Trip with Youth / Boys in PA with Grandparents

 June 24            Hug our Youth at O’Hare Airport and then fly back to PA to our Boys

 Start serious support raising for the mission field.  The sooner we raise our support, the sooner we head to Costa Rica as a family for one year of Language School, and after that ….Panama.

 Please keep our family in your prayers.  Please pray for us to stay close to God and close to eachother in it all!

God Bless – Jon Fowler