The Day is Coming!

“…until the day of Christ Jesus.”

Phil. 1:6

All of us know what it’s like to anticipate a big day.  All over the world, in every country there are special days that are more anticipated than others.  If they’re not holidays, then they’re wedding days or something else.   I still remember when Bianca and I were going to get married.  I numbered the days on a piece of paper and hung it in the closet of my college dorm room.  A thrill every day for me was getting up to cross off one more number and get that much closer.

We have some friends in Panama that make us tired when we talk. No I don’t mean we are tired of talking to them.  I mean when we talk, we hear about how much they are doing for the Kingdom of God that I imagine how exhausting that would be.  They work constantly with a conscious awareness of the fact that there is a day coming when they won’t work anymore.  No more evangelism. No more counseling. No more crisis response. There is a day when Christ will return and make all things new and all the labor to expand the Kingdom here on earth will cease.  They know this and they live like it.   How powerful. On several occasions we have heard them say phrases like, “There’s so much to do and Jesus will be back soon you know”. It is always a refreshing reality slap to hear believers speak this way.

Paul lived this way too and I have to think he expected all believers would.  But do we?  It is so easy to get caught up in the day to day minutia and let this reality slip from our consciousness.  It can slip out either side of our mind too.  Sometimes are too worried about how we are going to eat that day and other times we are too caught up in the pleasure of the moment and consumed with our own experiences.  The only way to keep a conscious awareness in front of us is to live obediently and expectantly like Paul. It is a day worth anticipating like no other. That Day will outshine all the days we have ever been excited for combined.  We will finally see Jesus face to face.  His glory will be revealed and our work will be done. What a day to live for!