“What about…?”

When Peter saw him, he asked, “Lord, what about him?”
John 21:21

Focus matters! We are better when we are focused and believe it or not Jesus wants us focused.  Funny thing is…focus has always been a challenge for me.  I have always got some new idea or big plan or curiosity to satisfy.  But I have to remember that chasing those curiosities does come at a cost. When Jesus has revealed his clear will to me, I have to stay focused.

In these verses here at the end of John’s gospel, Jesus has come to Peter to officially reestablish him as the acting leader of the disciples.  We shouldn’t forget how significant this talk had to be for Peter.  Remember that this can’t be more than a few weeks or days since Peter denied even knowing Christ three times in-a-row.  To make it more embarrassing, we know that Peter was even told he would do this by Jesus in front of his friends before it happened.  So here in this critical moment, as Jesus makes his will painfully clear to Peter, we see a funny thing take place.  Peter gets distracted.  Despite the seriousness of the moment, he can’t help but notice that John is following and so he asks “Lord, what about him?”  This is eerily familiar to me. I feel like I am reading about myself!

Let me bring it home. Over the past six years Bianca and I have had a dream of serving the Lord on the mission field. In the last four of those years we have been preparing for that dream through seminary.  There has been a lot of time and that equals a lot of opportunity for distraction.  As I see my own tendencies in Peter to chase my curiosities, I am reminded that my focus on what Jesus has asked us to do really does matter – even to Jesus…especially to Jesus!   Our call is to remain faithful to serving the Lord in building up His church everywhere we go.  We do this by building up believers (Depth) and by sharing the gospel (Breadth) as the Lord gives opportunity.  What about you? What has Jesus made clear to you and what else has captured your attention? Are you going to let it keep your attention or will you remember the gravity of the moment and the honor of His call on your life and stay focused on obedience?   I pray you will.  I pray we all will. We all could learn from Pete!

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  1. I had a similar experience when I prayed for God to send someone…and He asked me “What about you?” It IS hard to stay focused, but it is totally worth it!

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