Finding Our Place

Finding our place in God’s story is not exactly a science.  In my mind, it’s sort of what you get when you combine a treasure hunt with an experiment, a hope and a hunch.  It’s a wild ride with lots of unkowns but along the way you just sort of know deep inside that God is in it so it has to be good.  You also know that somehow that’s what faith is like too. If we were honest with ourselves, living by faith is part of the reward in itself because that is living life with God. While I want to know where God is going to take us and use our family along life’s path, at the same time I don’t want to know.  I want the chance to demonstrate that I do trust Him and I do believe that He is good and that He loves us. I am excited to lead my family on this journey and to walk as one toward all that God is doing.  You can follow us too.  Stay tuned here for all our updates as we walk this road together!

– Jon Fowler

One thought on “Finding Our Place

  1. I am excited to follow the “Fowler journey”. You guys will for sure stay in our prayers.

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